"We were blown away by the process. We learned more in 90 minutes about how our business creates value than we’ve learned in the last ten years."
  -- COO, Software Developer/Integrator

"We needed a completely independent and robust solution to satisfy the new investors before we could close our deal. And, by the way, we needed it fast. The valuation was on the money. We also learned a lot about how we’re perceived, and will change how we present ourselves to investors and the public accordingly"
  -- Director, Technology Company

"While the final number was about what we expected, it’s the way [the analysts] got there that really impressed us. They were tough on each other, plus the price convergence from start to finish, made us confident that it’s for real. We’re an IT company, so we build software for a living. Your web app and the live process works as promised."
  -- CFO, IT Government Contractor

"Your people are highly professional; they handled our self-inflicted hassles with aplomb, and the market worked as expected."
  -- Financial Advisor, Technology Company

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