Your firm will be valued in a process that resembles an initial public offering, but without issuing securities, losing your privacy, or bearing the burden of an IPO. And when complete, your valuation will be Numeria Certifiedsm, conveying to your board of directors, investors, auditors and others that it is based on the most independent, objective and robust process available. (For more from other clients, click here).

To value your firm, key information about the company is compiled and distributed to multiple valuation experts, who independently prepare and submit written valuation opinions. The expert analysts then all meet in the Numeria marketplace, where a market maker moderates the pricing debate and analysts can adjust their valuations based on what they learn from the other experts. Soon their valuations converge into a central value, which offers the most accurate fair market value possible.

What occurs in the marketplace is confidential, but it is transparent to you and your team. You see and hear the same information as all of the analysts, and thus can watch your firm’s value emerge in real time. Many also learn much more, like how their firm creates value; how it could create yet more value; and how it is perceived by sophisticated experts in a competitive marketplace.

In addition to providing the clearest view of your firm and its value, Numeria delivers a return-on-investment that other valuation analyses - including doing it yourself - cannot. For more on Numeria’s ROI, see this white paper on Wild Card Risksm and Valuation Price Efficiencysm.

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