The Numeria Certified Partner Programsm is geared for professional service firms that see the advantage of adding market-based valuations to their portfolio of client offerings.

Our partner program ensures that your clients have a seamless, end-to-end experience while assuring you that your client remains yours. Partnering with Numeria allows clients to continue working with you, their established and trusted advisor, who now offers the cutting edge in corporate valuation.

You decide how involved you’ll be – ranging from very involved to not at all – so you can earn professional fees from delivering essential services while steering clear of potential conflicts or tasks beyond your abilities. You select from four levels of participation – Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Courtesy – and in all cases are positioned to deliver follow-on services.

Gold Partners

For those with the ability to manage a valuation engagement and issue a valuation report to their clients. Gold is most suitable for professional service firms that have valuation capability but want to offer their clients a market-based valuation; to avoid a conflict of interest; or to focus on the execution of the transaction. Likely Gold partners are investment banks, business brokers, and other financial intermediaries.

Silver Partners

For those with engagement management capability, such as due diligence and document compilation, but without sufficient expertise or other means to issue a valuation report. Silver is ideal for management consultants, law firms, accounting firms, and other advisory and assurance professionals.

Bronze Partners

For those with neither valuation expertise nor engagement management capability, but whose clients are pursuing a strategic opportunity like as a financing, M&A transaction, or repositioning. Likely Bronze partners are highly specialized professional service firms, independent consultants, and other solo professionals.

Courtesy Partners

For firms or individual professionals that want their clients to realize the benefits of market-based valuations, but that cannot participate in the engagement (or receive compensation) due to regulatory compliance or comparable restrictions. Courtesy is ideal for auditors, risk management professionals and insurance underwriters.

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Numeria partner, please contact us.

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